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Excellent: top marks for Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class has received the best possible rating in the renowned Skytrax ranking, which regularly evaluates the quality of airlines. Lufthansa’s five stars were awarded for the outstanding comfort and comprehensive service on board as well as for the exclusive facilities of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. A great success — and an incentive to make the exclusive Lufthansa First Class passenger experience even more attractive.


The perfect way to travel

Travelling First Class means always being able to expect the exceptional. We want to do justice to this claim on every one of your flights in Lufthansa First Class - and to provide you with a harmonious travel experience at a consistently high level both on the ground and on board.

Our philosophy is this: perfection right down to the smallest detail. Every element of our First Class is therefore geared towards making your journey as quick, straightforward and enjoyable as possible - from our highly efficient service procedures on the ground to providing you with a proper bed on board.


Lufthansa First Class facilities

Would you like to know before your departure whether the newest Lufthansa First Class is available on the flight you have booked? With our enquiry service you can find this out very easily from as early as eight weeks before departure.

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The perfect way to travel in Lufthansa First Class — on board the A380

Passengers on board the Lufthansa A380, the world’s largest and most modern passenger jet, can look forward to a Lufthansa First Class that sets new standards in terms of exclusivity and comfort.

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