‘Forgotten’ classics – rediscovered for our passengers



In July and August you can look forward to an interesting journey through culinary ‘old times’ – if you are taking a long-haul flight from Germany.

You will be able to enjoy dishes that were very popular in the 1960s, 70s and 80s with our classic in-flight menus. These dishes will perfectly recreate the spirit of those times in a culinary sense.


A gastronomic journey back in time


As an aperitif we’ll be serving you a Kir Royale – a cult drink in those days. Another classic is Beef Stroganoff. This dish was invented by a Frenchman in St Petersburg in 1891 and became very well known. It consequently landed on German plates as a popular dish – and now it will be on plates in Business Class too. Passengers will also find this look back at the past sweetened by a ‘Nostalgia chocolate’.